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Will your breakers fit my equipment?
  • We have a complete lineup of hydraulic breakers to fit any excavator, backhoe or skid steer from 1.5 to 90 tonnes with a wide variety of top brackets in stock to fit common carriers. If none of our in stock top brackets fit your machine we can have one custom made to ensure a perfect fit. Feel free to contact us or check out our attachment guide to find out which of our breakers is the right size for your machine.
How long does it take to order replacement wear parts?
  • We keep a full stock of all wear parts and nearly every other part for all Vulcan breakers in stock in Winnipeg to ensure your parts can be ready for same day pickup or delivery.
How often should I service my hammer?
  • Your hammer should get new seals and a complete inspection of all internal components every 600 hours of hammer operation.
How should I store my hammer?
  • When storing your hammer for long periods you should ensure that it is well greased and store it in an upright position with the weight of the hammer on the tool, ensure that the inlet and outlet ports are properly sealed.
How can I tell if my nitrogen is low?
  • There are two nitrogen chambers in most Vulcan hammers. The most common indication that the accumulator is low on nitrogen is a return line that is bouncing significantly more than usual. The greatest indication of the back head being low on nitrogen is a severe reduction in impact energy with no change in impact frequency. Both nitrogen chambers can quickly and easily be checked and filled with the same charge kit.
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