Hydraulic Hammers

Hydraulic breakers/hammers have become one of the most commonly used attachments on all sizes of carriers due to their wide range of applications in the construction, demolition, and mining industries. Whether you are repairing your driveway, digging in frost, or reducing oversize blast rock, a hydraulic hammer can increase the efficiency of your project to get the job done safely and on time. Road construction, sewer and water, demolition, and quarrying are only a few of the industries that have come to rely heavily on hydraulic breakers. With a complete line up of hydraulic breakers in stock, trust Vulcan Attachments to help you choose the breaker that will best suit your machine and your job to maximize your efficiency.

Vibratory Compactors

Excavator mounted vibratory compactors (hoe-packs) have become known as the safest way to effectively pack material in hard to reach places. Packing on or near steep slopes can be dangerous with walk behind or ride on equipment but with the long reach of an excavator to keep the operator out of harms way even packing inside of narrow trenches can be done safely and efficiently.  The Vulcan VHV series of excavator mounted vibratory compactors is available in a wide range of sizes to fit any carrier up to 40 tonnes.

Hydraulic Pulverizers

Widely used for secondary demolition and separating rebar from concrete hydraulic pulverizers are used on many demolition sites as well as concrete recycling facilities. Aside form the ability to efficiently separate rebar from concrete hydraulic pulverizers are able to break concrete without flying debris offering a safer surrounding work environment and reduced damage to nearby equipment and structures. The Vulcan VHP series of hydraulic pulverizers is available in sizes to fit most mid to large size excavators. 

Multi Processors

With 3 different jaw types for various applications and 360 degree rotation the Vulcan VRC series of multi processors is one of the most versatile attachments in the market. With the option of shear jaws, pulveriser jaws, or cracking jaws the VRC is ideal for all types of demolition and recycling. The two cylinder design of the VRC delivers maximum power for crushing and cutting to handle the toughest materials with ease while it’s high flow capacity offers increased speed for maximum efficiency. 360 degree rotation allows for operation at any angle to minimize material handling and positioning. With a line up that ranges in size from small mini excavators to large track machines there is no job too big or too small for the Vulcan VRC multi processor.

Sorting Grapples

With more and more jobs focusing on recycling materials rather than disposing of them sorting grapples have become a go to tool for many demolition and recycling sites. With 360 degree rotation and a wide opening jaw that fully closes for sorting any size material the Vulcan VSG series of sorting grapples can drastically increase the efficiency of sorting through all materials large and small. The VSG is available in a wide range of sizes to fit the carrier best suited to your specific job.

Frost Rippers

In the long cold winters of Manitoba frost rippers are among the most commonly used attachments on all excavation sites. Without the need for any hydraulic connections, excavator mounted mechanical frost rippers allow for a quick swap between a bucket and a ripper get through the frost and on with the rest of the excavation. Available in sizes to fit nearly any excavator the Vulcan VMR series of mechanical frost rippers are built to fit any size or style of pins or quick coupler.


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